Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Magician Sumit Kharbanda Grand illusion show of Europe in coming years.

For every Artist, the world is Stage. Many Countries look for performances of artists for their citizens and festivals and in India, Indian Brotherhood of Magicians (Magic Society) has been inviting Magicians from all over world for more than 10 years. So weather it is Magic Conference in Delhi or Magic Festival, it is always cultural exchange initiative programmes for many artists.

Similar initiatives have been done by many Artist societies and Government to promote Art, worldwide, as Magician Sumit Kharbanda was invited to perform in Europe for 45 days in Summers. It was memorable tour as Magician Sumit with his wife, Ira entertained Europeans and completed 100 shows in 40 days. 

Illusionist Sumit Kharbanda says his tour started with stopover in London with his 2 day stay and continued his journey thereafter to Stockholm and Finland. 

Illusionist Kharbanda gave Magic and illusion shows in Theatres, Festivals, Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Hotels, Bars and Market places in 2014 summer. His Indian Magic with Indian classical Magic dress was loved and appreciated by everyone including children. Families also asked to teach Magic tricks to them, which Magician Kharbanda happily obliged. 

Sumit saw a lot of craze of Indian Magic in Finland where people are shy and not very interactive but praised his Magic with open arms. Communicating with people in Europe was difficult thing as most people do not know English but Magic needs no language when thousands of people praises your work with smiles and claps.

Indian Illusionist Sumit Kharbanda also performed his favorite Invisible chair in Hotels of Finland.  People of Europe awaited for this invisible chair performance as it was much hyped and publicized before Sumit’s visit in Finland. 

Newspaper Media also gave good coverage to shows of Sumit Kharbanda with Magic photographs and articles covering his Magic journey, Magic shows in India and magic background. Incidentally, all the newspaper with Magic coverage was collected and brought to India, most of them are in Swedish and Finis Language.
Magician Sumit Kharbanda also plan to take his Grand illusion show to audience of Europe in coming years.


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